How to use Android Hotspot?

Android Hotspot

Do you want to be able to use your phone's internet connection without connecting to a computer? If so, you'll need an Android hotspot. And mobile hotspot enables you to use your phone's data connection as if it were a Wi-Fi network.

In other words, Android hotspot is a great way to share your mobile Internet connection with other devices. With Android Hotspot, you can connect up to five devices to your mobile data plan at once. This means you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi router, giving you fast Internet access for all your devices.

Not only that, with this feature, you can connect your Android device to a laptop, PC or tablet. It's a great way to increase your productivity and save money for another device by allowing you to work from anywhere in the home.

If you do not know how to use Hotspot in your Android phone i.e. how to turn on, then this article will guide you completely.

Note: The steps in this guide may vary slightly depending on the device you own. However, the basic process is the same on most Android phones. Nevertheless, in this article, tell about how to turn on android hotspot in popular Mi, Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Vivo owned phones too.

Android Hotspot Turn On for MI

Step 1. Go to 'Settings' of your mi phone.

Step 2. Click on 'Connection & Sharing'.

Step 3. Click on 'Portable hotspot'.

Step 4. Click on the button next to 'Portable hotspot'.

Android Hotspot Turn On for Samsung

Step 1. Launch the 'Settings app'.

Step 2. Click on 'Connections' option.

Step 3. Click on 'Mobile Hotspot and Tethering'.

Step 4.
Tap the 'Switch' next to Mobile Hotspot to activate Hotspot.

Android Hotspot Turn On for Oppo

Step 1. Go to 'Settings'.

Step 2. Click on 'Other Wireless Connections'.

Step 3. Click on 'Personal Hotspot' option.

Step 4. Tap on the toggle next to 'Enable Your Personal Hotspot'.

Android Hotspot Turn On for Realme

Step 1. Go to 'Settings'.

Step 2.
Click on 'Other wireless connections' option.

Step 3. Click on 'Personal Hotspot' option.

Step 4. To activate Android HostPost, tap on the 'Switch' next to it.

Lastly, you can use WiFi Hotspot to share your internet connection by following the steps mentioned above and the biggest benefit is that you can use data in other devices for free by spending data in one device.

Nowadays, people are turning to the use of Android devices for their internet needs. Due to security concerns and unwanted snoopers everywhere, they have started using Wi-Fi alternatives as well.

And like all of these previously mentioned apps and technologies, Android uses hotspots to create a secure network that is not only hard to penetrate, but also completely private from everyone else. The best part about this option is that you can use it on any device, including older ones, without worrying about its security!

We hope that this article has satisfied you about how to turn on the important feature android hotspot.
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