What is Windows License Volume, Retail and OEM?

Windows License

The computer user is not deprived of Windows, because they do all their work on a computer and laptop. Talking about today, the latest Windows 11 has been launched which is very well designed.

But many users still run their Windows through crack or activation, because every Windows version is available in license. No they can buy versions with windows license key, because windows license cost is more expensive.

Because of this, many users did not even try to know about the windows license. Even today what is the other logo windows license and how many types are there? there is no understanding about it at all.

Do you want to know in detail about windows license then this article will help you completely, you just have to continue reading till the end of the article.

What is Windows License?

Windows Licensing is a software license agreement that allows you to use one copy of the software for as many times as you need it. These Windows licenses state the ownership of the software and while the software developer still owns the software, they only allow the licensee to use it.

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 you can install and use the software on one workstation. If you need to use the software on more than one workstation, you must purchase a license for each workstation.

From the Microsoft side, Licensing windows has new updates and functional features available to the user from time to time, Licensed Windows are called Secure Windows. In this, the user is taken care of by the Microsoft company, such as protecting the system from hacking, protecting the system from viruses, bringing updates to the system from time to time.

How many Types of Windows License are there?

There are three main types of Microsoft software license:Volume license, Retail license, and Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) license from computer manufacturers,

1. Windows Volume License

Windows volume license is a type of software licensing that enables users to install and use a single copy of software on multiple devices in the home or office. It also allows transfer of the license to another device in case the license is lost, stolen or destroyed.

Once you have a volume license, you can increase the volume in small increments. But, it is mostly used for large industries, government and educational institutions. It cannot be used on PC other than company affiliated PC.

Licensed volume product key containing this are used with KMS server or Multiple Activation Key (MAK), where the same key can be used on multiple PC.

Most volume licenses are perpetual, however, microsoft offers subscription licenses under the Volume License Program. This subscription license, as the name implies, is for a fixed term and expires if the subscription license is not renewed.

2. Windows Retail License

The microsoft windows retail license is a software license that allows the installation and use of the windows operating system on one or more computers. It is commonly used by small businesses or organizations that need to install and use windows for their day-to-day operations.

With this type of windows license you can transfer it to another device, but only after deactivating the original device. Simply put, a retail license refers to a license issued when you purchase a copy of windows from your local store or online retailer (such as Microsoft or Amazon).

If you are building your own PC then this product will be very attractive. Because, it is much less expensive than full retail license and hence people prefer Microsoft retail license.

3. Windows OEM License

The Windows OEM license is a license for PC that come preinstalled with the windows operating system, which grants the PC manufacturer the rights to use the windows logo and other intellectual property rights associated with Windows. OEMs may also use pre-loaded software or applications bundled with the PC to develop their own applications or services.

Meaning that when manufacturers of basic equipment produce computers, they always pre-install the OEM ones before selling Windows. When you buy this PC, you will get a Windows OEM license and will not have to pay extra.

Microsoft sells this product to other laptop brand companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, MSI, Acer with customizable features. These companies are Value Added Reseller (VAR) companies.

This company modified the Windows OS and sold laptops to its customers by making them fully compatible with their hardware. So, this Windows OS is called OEM Windows. Windows 10 with UEFI/BIOS firmware in the computer motherboard that comes with a company embedded OEM license pre-loaded with your laptop when you buy your laptop is an example of an OEM license.

Why is Windows License Important?

The windows license is important because it gives users the right to use windows and its features. It also allows users to protect their software by registering it with a valid product key.

When a user installs a copy of windows, they are actually installing the operating system and all the software included in the installation package. After the user activates the software, it is registered with the product key that was supplied during installation. This product key is used to protect the software from being used by others without permission.

If you lose your product key, or if you want to reinstall windows on a different computer, you will need to find and use your original product key. If you do not have your original product key, you may use microsoft's activation services to reactivate your software, and the license may also include provisions for updates, support, and warranty coverage.

What is the Difference Between Windows License and Crack?

The main difference between the original windows and the cracked version is that the cracked version is not licensed and is therefore illegal. The main reason people want to crack windows is because it allows them to use a pirated copy of the operating system, which is faster and more reliable than using the original, licensed version.

Cracked version is not fully licensed and protected by Microsoft. This means it may contain malware or security vulnerabilities and crack windows are activated by hackers with some software like KMS, window activators and reloading.

And cracking windows users are late getting the latest updates from Microsoft. If the device drivers are not updated immediately, the PC may slow down meaning it will not get the best performance and may create new problems at workplace.

For many reasons, cracks are similar to windows, cracked windows may have the potential to lose a lot of files, but they are much less likely to break. If you have a missing file in native windows, you often won't understand it because it is connected to microsoft servers and the missing files are downloaded and installed automatically.

And the newly released updates by microsoft in the licensed windows are available immediately. The best part is that windows is activated by microsoft's official serial key in the license, so you don't have to worry about data security. There was confusion in your mind between the difference between Windows license and Windows crack version, you have got the answer, which is based on the different research and experience just mentioned. Many people have been using free windows i.e. without windows license key for many times.

Where can I buy Licensed Windows?

If you want to buy licensed windows, you can go to the Microsoft store or Amazon. Both of these stores offer a wide selection of licensed products, including Windows. You can also shop for windows using the Microsoft store app or Web app.

You can also find licensed windows through third-party resellers. Be sure to compare prices and see if there are any coupons or special offers available that you can use to save on your purchases.

And there are many OEM and retailer keys for windows available at such cheap prices online, but you should be careful. Because such windows license keys work as a crack, may not be original you can't even trace it.

The most important thing to know about licenses is that each type of software has different usage rights so the best license for you is based on your needs.

You can opt for an OEM version of windows already installed if you are not used to more computers. Lastly, if you have multiple PC, you can get volume license keys which will be cheaper.

We hope that you must have become fully acquainted about windows license, if you are satisfied after reading this article, then definitely share it on social networks.
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