Google Internet Speed Test: How Fast Is Your Connection?

Google Internet Speed Test

While taking internet connection, the company promises to give fast speed, but sometimes there are ups and downs. However, we need to check it so that it can be found out whether the internet provider is telling the truth or telling lies.

If you are also troubled by the internet speed, then first check how much speed the internet service provider is giving. There are many such Internet speed test tools available online for this.

It has the most popular google internet speed test tool, which Google has tied up with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) for testing, which provides testing (Internet Speed Check).

It publishes all results publicity to promote internet research. If your internet connection is bothering you, you can use the Google free internet speed tool to do a speed check.

What is Google Internet Speed Test?

Google speed test internet, or simply Google internet speed test, is a free net speed testing tool to check your download and upload speeds in google chrome. The best part about it is that it is completely free and requires no installation, so you can get it running right away.

But for this, it is necessary to have google search engine open in any browser, this tool will show in it only. It provides a series of download and upload tests to estimate your internet connection speed.

This free Google internet speed test tool measures the connection between your computer and the Internet to see if there is any packet loss, packet reordering or packet delay and results in the form of your download speed, upload speed and connection quality is reported in.

However, it is also very easy to use. If you start with Google search engine and give it a try you can see how fast it is compared to its competitors.

If you still don't believe then let me tell you that the results of Google speed test internet tool are also accurate and reliable because M-Lab (Measurement Lab) has tied up with Google for Testing (Internet Speed Check).

How does the Google Speed Test Tool work?

Google says its service works for most of the major ISPs in North America, Europe and Asia. The service allows tests to be run at any time of day or from an IP address belonging to the local ISP's network.

This speed test does not test your browser, computer or network, but only your Internet connection.

Once you launch Google internet speed test, your browser will connect to M-Lab servers over an encrypted connection. It will then start running tests using different servers located around the world (US, Japan, France, etc.).

First will do Mbps download speed testing of net, then Mbps upload speed test. After both of these are done, it will display your download/upload speed, latency, server and whether your internet is slow or fast.

How can I use the Free Google Speed Test Tool?

To check internet speed by google, you have to follow some easy steps. Let us tell you that you do not need any app for this and no third-party tools are needed.

All you need is a favorite browser and you need to have net enabled on your computer or laptop. Therefore, before following the steps mentioned below, activate both of them in your computer device.

Step 1. First of all open in a browser.

Step 2. Then by typing 'Google Speed Test' in the search, click on the 'Run Speed Test' button in the first position in the search result in the snippet option.

Google Speed Test Type in Google search engine

Step 3. In this dialog box it is written that your internet speed can be checked in less than 30 seconds. The speed test usually transfers less than 40MB of data, but can transfer more data on a faster connection.

Step 4. Once you click on Run Speed Test, a pop up will open in which you will see the internet speed.

Internet speed test result

Note that Google speed test internet specifically, M-Lab conducts tests to promote Internet research and publishes all test results publicly.

This published information includes your IP address and test results. However, any other information about you as an Internet user will not be included and Google speed test tool will not share your IP address.

So in the same way, you can check the net speed of your device using Google internet speed test tool in your mobile chrome browser or other browser through the above mentioned steps.

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