What is Youtube Video Format? and Which Video Format File is Best?

YouTube Video Format

Video sharing website YouTube is the most visited site on the Internet. For small business owners, it is an important means of reaching their potential customers.

YouTube is a great tool to market your brand. It's also a great way to get your audience to connect with you.

But many people still do not know about the YouTube video format.

If you are a YouTuber then you must pay attention to the video format. We don't want your content or your campaigns to be negatively affected. So in this post, we're going to take a look at the best YouTube video formats and each of the needful info you should keep in mind.

What is Youtube Video Format?

Video is the medium that has proven to be the most effective way to create brand awareness. If you want to get your content in front of a large audience, then it is important to have a good video format file to make an attractive video.

It's a great way to keep them engaged even when your brand name is being associated with their favourite videos. A great example of this is the "Share a Coke" campaign in Australia. This is a great example of how your brands can leverage the power of video to increase awareness.

Generally, a video file in a digital format consists of two parts, a codec and a container. The codec will compress the video so that it can be played and stored.

And the second container is like a box which contains video, audio and metadata. In most cases, people understand this as a file extension as it is often referred to as a file name.

Video formats for YouTube were once limited to educational videos, short clips, and amateur content. Today, you can upload almost any video format to YouTube, including movies and documentaries, with the right copyright clearance. If you are wondering which video formats are supported on YouTube, below is a list of them,
  • .MOV
  • .MPEG4
  • .MP4
  • DNxHR
  • .AVI
  • WebM
  • .WMV
  • .FLV
  • 3GPP
  • ProRes
  • CineForm
  • HEVC (h265)

Which YouTube Video Format File is Best?

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world, hosting billions of videos uploaded by users around the world. The platform has evolved over the years and today offers a wide variety of formats, including vertical video, to suit the needs of content creators. But which format is best? Well, it depends on what content you are uploading and what kind of experience you want to create for your audience.

But, there are many different YouTube video formats (Video Format Files) that you can use to take advantage of certain features and maximize the impact of your videos. One of these formats is the YouTube intro format, which can be used to engage your viewers to understand the topic of your video and watch the entire video in high quality till the end.

The best format for your YouTube channel is MP4, in addition, to be able to create youtube high quality 1080p HD content, it is also recommended to choose the following,
  • H.264 codec
  • A standard aspect ratio of 16:9
  • An audio codec of AAC-LC
You may have learned above that YouTube accept many different video formats, but they have recommendations for which one to have the best results and the highest quality video on YouTube is MP4.

If for some reason you cannot use .MP4, you can choose the .MOV video format. If you have a video in another format, be careful if you are thinking of converting it to .MP4. Because there is a possibility of losing the original quality.

What should be the Youtube Video Aspect Ratio?

The standard aspect ratio for YouTube is 16:9, so if you a Youtube video upload with a different aspect ratio, YouTube will automatically resize it to match your video and the viewer's device.

For some videos and device aspect ratios, such as 9:16 vertical videos on a computer browser, YouTube may add more padding for optimal viewing. Padding is white and dark grey by default when dark themes are on.

For best results, avoid adding padding or black bars directly to your video. Padding interferes with YouTube's ability to dynamically adjust the size of your video and the viewer's device.

YouTube recommends you the resolution and aspect ratios below,
  • 2160p: 3840x2160
  • 1440p: 2560x1440
  • 1080p: 1920x1080
  • 720p: 1280x720
  • 480p: 854x480
  • 360p: 640x360
  • 240p: 426x240
If you can not keep the maximum HD video at 2160p then the minimum should be 1080p and this also provides maximum resolution for Full HD video.

If data handling and storage are a problem, so it is necessary to keep the minimum resolution for recording HD video in 720p.

Also, for uploading videos on YouTube channels, a file size maximum of 256GB or full 12 hours of video can be uploaded.

How will uploading videos on Low Format Youtube Affect Viewers?

It is no secret that youtube has become a major source of entertainment and information. In fact, the video site is one of the most visited websites in the world. But, as we all know, YouTube has a unique format that allows users to upload videos in various file formats.

Basically, the only way to upload videos to youtube is in HD format files. However, it's important to know that YouTube's algorithm still takes low-format videos into account when calculating video quality. If you're uploading a low-format video, your video may be flagged as low-quality in the future. Even if you don't upload your video in the following format if your video contains bad content, the quality of your video will automatically decrease.

The video impresses the audience, if watching a 240p video on mobile and desktop then blur will appear. Although 480p is the minimum requirement for mobiles, the viewers will love to watch the full video. But it will depend on the content.

On the desktop, a minimum of 720p video is sufficient for viewing, if 360p and 240p video are not at all suitable for desktop viewing, as the larger screen will result in less clean viewing and larger pixels.

If you are uploading videos on youtube, then keep as clean and as much video as you can in large resolution, so that you will be able to attract your audience.

Now after knowing about the youtube video format, the new user must have come to know which format is the right way to keep youtube videos.

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