How to do My Google Account Security Checkup & How to fix Actions?

My Google Account Security Checkup

Every user wants to keep their account secure, if we talk about such a Google account, then no one can be ahead in security other than them. However, it is important to keep your account secure so that no one can access your information and use it against you.

You must have noticed that major cyber security incidents happen almost weekly, which attracts our attention to increase my google account security. In fact, Google is one of the most popular internet services in the world, and one of the most transparent in terms of security and privacy.

If you do not know which actions to take in my google account security, then no need to worry. Because one of the features that Google gives its users confidence in is my google account security checkup which asks to follow recommended actions to increase the security of the account.

This feature is given in the Security setting of My Google Account, apart from this your password, two-factor authentication, phone number and email recovery etc. are managed from here.

But out of this article is about how to do my google account security checkup. A service that helps users ensure that their google account is kept secure by examining things that could affect the security of your account.

Where is My Google Account Security Checkup?

First of all, open a browser and type "My account" and click on the first title in the search result. If you are not logged into your google account, you will be asked to log in.

Once logged in to the My Account dashboard, click on "Security > Protect your account"

If not to do so, click on the link given here,

This link will take you directly to my google account security checkup page, here you can see what actions google recommends to you.

My Google Account security checkup

If all seven sections are green, you can move on to other areas. Otherwise, make sure to follow the guidelines listed in each section to improve your gmail security.

How to Resolve it?

1. The checkup feature also flagged a security issue in yellow. Because I entered the recovery email in the account but did not confirm it. That's why I fix this by clicking on the "Yes Confirm" button. After this, the indication of this section will change to green colour.

Sign in & Recovery Section

2. Similarly, in the security checkup, another blue colour signal is showing, which means that you can leave it like this, you can resolve it later anytime. If your goal is about protecting your account, then it's okay to fix it. My blue colour prompt asked me to check my password so I click on "Check your passwords" which will prompt me to log in again by entering my password.

Check your password

3. Similarly in the second, I try to correct it by clicking the "Continue" button, to keep my browser safe.

Safe browsing section on My google account security

The rest of the four sections are already protected in green colour, if not then clicking on the arrows below the section will open each section, then try to fix it and in security checkup, all the sections should be in green colour which means that You have secured your google account.

Similarly, you can also do it on your mobile, but all these mobiles can check my google account security through the steps mentioned above by logging into your Google account in Chrome browser or another browser.

If you want to create a new Google account, then click on the link given below to go to our already published article,
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