What kind of a Strong Password Example can Protect Against Hacker?

a Strong Password Example

With the increase in digital marketing, cybercrime is also increasing. So that no one can open their login door, for this, you can make a shield by keeping a strong password for the digital account you have now.

The more powerful a strong password contains, the more secure you will feel on the Internet.

So while setting the password, you have to keep some important things in mind, which we will learn in this article.

What should not be in a Strong Password Example?

Hackers use automated software to submit hundreds of guesses per minute into user accounts and attempt to gain access to user accounts to steal passwords. This software can use lists of dictionary words to guess the password sequentially. That's why the idea example for creating a new strong password should never include the things mentioned below.
  • The biggest mistake users make is to use a dictionary that uses an English dictionary list, but hacking tools can easily find words in that dictionary. So don't use a dictionary.
  • Especially when you must have different passwords for different accounts. Password used in one account should not be used in another account.
  • Do not keep your strong password short, it should be a minimum of 9 characters or more.
  • While creating your strong password, do not ask for help from any friend or other person, and make a password yourself with your own ideas.
  • While creating a strong password, do not use your personal information like name, nickname, lucky name, address, phone number etc.

Good Strong Password Examples,

To keep your accounts secure, create a strong password that is difficult to guess, with a password consisting of symbols, small/big alphabets and numbers are considered a strong password.

When you don't have an idea of ​​a strong password when creating password examples, the best way to create a secure password is to start with a simple password and then turn it into a complex password.

The list below shows good a strong password example. If you look carefully at it, then its meaning also comes out. The first column lists simple words that are easy to remember and found in the dictionary. The second column shows how a simple password is converted into a strong one that is very difficult to understand.

Weak Passwords Strong Passwords
Weak PasswordsdkB5toAT Strong PasswordsdkB5>to!A&TFbo
Weak PasswordspAbForR02BO Strong Passwordsp^b.F018R_5(BO)
Weak PasswordsSmall_pet2og Strong Passwords$ma!!=pet2og
Weak PasswordsmrJohnblogger Strong Passwordsmr.18ohn^$logger
Weak PasswordsT1kecare0fmE Strong PasswordsT1kec@re0f(mE)
Weak PasswordsDhaStranger Strong Passwords(4ha)~$tr@n7er.BO
Weak PasswordsHiBLATErible Strong Passwords#!BL@TEri2l5_tBO
Weak PasswordsideloHideDBO Strong Passwords!dEl0#ide4>215
Weak PasswordsIuseblogger Strong Passwords!us€bl0gger_S<20 .15="" td="">
Weak PasswordsMybnkpsswrd Strong PasswordsM5~bnK>p$$wr4
Weak PasswordsRaghav~kumaR Strong PasswordsRagh@v~k00ma18^[V]
Weak PasswordsMyLovelyInstagramA Strong PasswordsMaa25l0v1YIn$T@gram{A}

You saw strong password examples above, but don't use the example passwords listed for any of your accounts. What should be a correct strong password and what should you write? This has been done to explain.

This strong password can be created for example for banks, social media, hosting or other accounts. But you can use it by changing a little bit from your thoughts and do not use the complete same to copy the password.

If you have trouble remembering good strong passwords, then you can use a password manager like Bitwarden or 1Password.

Once you've chosen the right password, don't keep it on a Post-it note on your monitor or share it with your best friend and change your account password after a month or two.

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