How to Permanently Remove a Property from Google Search Console?

Remove a Property from Google Search Console

If you want to completely remove your blog or website from Google Search Console for any reason, then the Property remove option can help.

No need to remove all posts and pages one by one. Only you can block all the content, sitemaps, images, videos etc. from appearing in the Google search engine through Webmaster Remove Property.

However, it may take a maximum of 6 months to completely disappear from the search engine. Although you have more than two websites, that have been added to Google Webmaster, then removing property of one website will not delete the other one, so there is no need to worry about this.

Manual for every website a verified owner there is an option to permanently delete your account and also it is very easy to delete a site from a google webmaster account.

Note: However, before removing a domain property from Google search console, should be known that the steps given below should be followed by those whose domain has expired, who want to remove the site from Google webmaster or for some reason want to remove the entire website, post, page, image, video etc. No, it should be used to fix coverage 404, duplicate URL, any other post/page hide, canonical tag, and crawler error.

How to a Remove a Property from Google Search Console?

Step 1. First of all login to Google webmaster tools with a Gmail id.

Step 2. If more than one domain has been added to the webmaster, then from the 'Search property' on the left side, select the domain which you want to exclude from the search result forever.

Select Search property in Google console

Already a single domain is added to the webmaster, then no other property will be visible, which means no choice. Just once in the search property, check that the site (Domain) that you want to remove from search console account is selected.

Step 3. Then click on 'Settings' on the left side, and after that click on 'Remove property'.

Website Remove a Property in the Google search console

Step 4. Now the remove a property box will open, all you have to do is click on 'Remove property' below.

Remove Property

Now you have completely removed domain ie website from the search result from the Google webmaster. Now Google will gradually remove your site contents from the search list permanently.

But, by deleting a website property from your account as above, while you will continue to be the original owner/user of the original account. You can re-add the property to your account at any time. Maybe it happened by mistake or trying to learn.

Steps to Add Property to Google Search Console Again,

Once the website is removed, you will see a page with "Welcome to Google Search Console", If you have added a website in webmaster then.

If already multiple websites are added in the webmaster, by clicking on 'Search property', then click on 'Add property', you will see a page with two URL names entered.

Out of these, paste your Website or Blog URL on the 'URL prefix', then press the 'Continue' button.

In the next popup window "Ownership auto verified" will appear, which means your website has been re-added, your website is already verified, now you don't need to add a sitemap and no need to enter code.

However, if you have deleted the sitemap before removing the website from the webmaster, it cannot be recovered. This also has to be re-added in the webmaster by doing the left side Sitemap option.

This process is just like you followed the steps to add a website to the Search console for the first time.

Now I think that you have completely understood how to remove your website property from Google webmaster tools and how it can be added again.

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