Professional New Facebook Page Create in 2022 (In 5 Easy Steps)

New Facebook Page Create

There are many reasons behind company facebook page create. However, the purpose of Facebook pages is to allow local businesses, international brands, personal pages and public figures to connect with the Facebook community.

Once you've created a new Facebook page, you can publish content, share important company updates, promote events and new releases, and otherwise engage with your audience through the world's largest social network can join.

The best part is that Facebook company has updated in design, security and features a few months earlier than before, from which it is easy to create FB pages in Facebook new page experience with a little different and new functionality. Which you didn't have with classic Facebook pages.

Earlier, to create a Facebook page, the category had to be selected from different steps, thus the personal page was a little different and it was a long process. But in the new page experience you can a new Facebook page create for your brand in a few minutes and to increase the functionality Facebook company has added Meta Business Suite features click here to know about it, What is meta business suite

If you want to create a new Facebook page to promote your business or increase traffic, likes, followers, and popularity on the website, then follow the steps mentioned below.

How do I New Facebook Page Create?

First of all, keep your Facebook page's profile picture and cover photo-ready by making it from any graphic software or Canva, or you can create it later. That's why it was said earlier that while creating Facebook, both will be asked to upload.

Facebook Profile Picture Size: It is asked to keep the standard size square 160px x 160px. I recommend you to keep it in 500 x 500 px square so that your profile image can avoid blur and picture cut out. The file format of the profile picture should be either JPEG or PNG.

Facebook cover size: On desktop, your page can be up to 820 pixels wide x 312 pixels tall or a maximum of 1640 x 856 pixels and displays 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall on smartphones. Must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. Their file format should be either JPEG or PNG.

Simply, the focus should be on these two things above all. Because today the image is traditional. Everything else is to enter texts info as your brand, let's know how to create a new page on Facebook.

Step 1. First of all, Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2. Click on the Facebook 'Menu' on the right side.

Facebook menu

Step 3. In a drop-down list, click on 'Page' from several options.

Step 4. On the next screen, fill in the page information on the left side.

Facebook Create a Page

1. Name: Use your business, brand or organization or any other name that indicates what the page is about.

2. Category: Choose a category that describes the type of business, organization, or topic the page represents. You can add up to three categories. Like I type 'Media/NewsCompany' in this blank box and press enter, similarly, you can add two more categories in the same way, as soon as you type some words, the dropdown list will prompt you to select.

3. Description: Here to write about your company or brand, meaning what your business does, write about the services you provide or the purpose of the page, which to writes limited to 255 characters.

Once you have written all three things, click on 'Create Page'

Step 5. On the next screen, you will be asked to upload a profile and cover photo for your new Facebook business page. All you have to do is upload a profile photo on your page and the cover photo that appears on the Facebook page header, as shown in the image given below.

Upload Facebook page profile and cover photo

Many businesses use a logo or another recognizable picture for their profile picture. I recommend you here to use the same profile photo on all social accounts of your company.

For cover photos like this, a picture of a product you're selling, an employee at work or a happy customer. Make sure it's a quality image that aligns with your brand.

When you have uploaded your profile and cover photo, click on the 'Save' button.

Congratulations have been a new Facebook page created, now you can manage the entire page from here. But there are some things that still need to be edited and configured.

Change FB Page Username 

Finding a page on Facebook is easy when it has a unique username. After creating a new page, the page username is the default, so you can change it to keep your brand name.

Facebook username change

For this, a link of 'Create @Username' blue colour will appear on the simple method home Facebook page, below the title, click on it.

In the next popup window, in the Username box, type whatever you want to put your brand username here.

Then click on the 'Create Username' button. In the next window, click on the 'Done' button.

Facebook About Page

Good information about the page can take the user to the right place on your website when they need additional information. The way you have an about page on your website, in the same way, there is a need to change the necessary facebook page information in short.

To go there, click on 'More > About' on the Facebook page home.

Facebook More options

On the next screen About page, information like GENERAL, HOURS, BUSINESS DETAILS, ADDITIONAL CONTACT INFO, MORE INFO and PAGE ID will appear.

Facebook page about

According to your business or personal info, where the pencil icon and blue colour link are visible, you can change the info by clicking on it. I have put something like this for my blog.

Or you can fill in all this important info by clicking on 'Edit Page Info'.

Now you can paste your Facebook URL on the website or other place or share it with any other person.
We hope how to new Facebook page create for free? You are satisfied knowing about that.

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