How to Access My Google Account Personal Info?

My Google Account Personal Info

Once you create a Google account, Google has provided a my account facility to update your personal information. This may make some of this information, such as your contact details, visible to others so that they can easily reach you, and Google can use your info on its other services.

By default, all your personal information is stored with google, Google will track your activity from the time you started using the google service. This is called your google account, and it uses cookies to log into websites, follow you on the Internet, and subscribe to every email you send or receive.

There is nothing to panic about after knowing so many things. Because google uses your my google account personal info only for the purpose of running your account and passing the account information to you.

As provided by google, certain information that you may show or hide from others using the Google Services, such as birthday, gender, phone number, personal etc.

You must have an account on google to manage your my google account personal info. If you want to create a new google account then how to create a new google account, our already ready article is published about this.

Once you have created an account correctly, your google account personal information should be managed properly. In which many settings are given, out of which we will try to know about Basic info and Contact info.

If you are a google account user, then it is necessary that by knowing about your google account's personal information and which one to hide your personal data from it and which one is not.

Where is Personal info in Google account?

To access google personal info, you have to open a browser on your computer, first log in with a gmail account, then access it by typing google My account or you can search 'My Google Account Personal Information' on the browser URL, the first result in the search result 'Personal Info' can click.

If you do not want to do this, then click on the link given here,

On the next screen, you will see a window with personal info. If you entered My account you would see 'Home' direct, then had to click on 'Personal info'.

1. Basic info

Here basic info is the first option, which means in relation to the data subject, personal data that identifies who they are such as photo, name, birthday and gender.

1. Profile Picture: 

A picture helps people identify you and google recommends that your picture size is a minimum of 250 pixels by 250 pixels square. However, if you choose something bigger, Google will automatically reduce it to set the picture.

To upload your own profile photo on it, click on the 'Camera' icon.

Click on the Camera icon

In the next pop-up screen, click on 'Add profile photo', then click on 'Upload from computer' and go to the local disk where the picture is kept and click on the 'Open' button.

Google profile image crop or rotate

Then google will ask you to crop and rotate it, after setting it according to you, click on 'Save as profile picture'. In the next popup, press the 'Go it' button.

2. Name: 

Anyone can see this information when they interact with you or view content you create in google services, and you can change your name as many times as you like.

To change the google name, click on the Name, in the next box you can enter the First and Last name, as I have created a google account in the name of the blog. That's why the name of the blog is already written, if you have a brand name, then you can keep its name or keep it with your own surname.

Google name change

Once you have entered the complete name, click on the 'Save' button.

Keep in mind that you cannot hide the profile picture and name under any circumstances. Google can use both of these on other services, but google has given the feature to change both on all its services.

3. Birthday: Google Knowing your birthday help you use age-appropriate settings for your account. But you can hide it.

Click on 'Birthday'.

You can change the birthday on the next screen by clicking on birthday and tapping on 'Only you' to hide it, although Google keeps you hidden by default after a new account.

Update Google account Birthday

Your birthday may be used for account security and personalization across all google services. If this Google account is for a business or organization, the birthday of the person managing the account can be used.

Then finally 'Save' has to be done.

4. Gender: Google uses your gender to personalize services, which is also hidden by default. Your gender is not shared with others who use Google services.

Google account gender

If you want to show everyone, 'Anyone' has to be selected.

2. Contact info

Email and mobile are required when you want to forget your Google password. Google will use both of you to send email updates, and OTP for mobile.

1. Email: 

To sign in to your google account, if you lose access, go back to your account and select the email address you can use to receive information from Google. Here google has given Google account address, Recovery email, Alternative email and About me an email.

Google Account email: This is the main email address of your Google Account, with the help of which you can take advantage of all the services of Google. Once you have created a Google Account, this email cannot be changed.

Recovery email: If you forget your password or get locked out, Google uses one of your recovery email addresses to get back to your account quickly and securely. Here you can enter any email and Google will use it to do account recovery.

If you have only one email in gmail, then you can use the email of any person from your friends or family as a recovery email.

To change the recovery email, click on 'Greater than', google will ask you to log in again to confirm the owner, he has to cross you.

Your recovery email

In the next screen, in the recovery box, enter the email that you want to use for recovery, then click on the 'Next' button.

Now, google will send a 6 digit verification number to confirm the recovery email you have selected now, enter it here and click on 'Verify'. Now your recovery email has been verified.

Contact email: Google notifies you of your contact email address when it contains important information about your google account or the products you use, such as YouTube. By default, Google uses your google account email to contact you unless you add a contact email.

Contact email

If you have entered the recovery email, it will appear optionally in the contact email, if you want to keep it as a contact, then it has to be verified.

No, the save button is provided here. After you have verified the email once, the emails will be saved automatically, after selecting optional. Leave it as default in my opinion.

Alternate emails: This feature is very special from my google account personal info. An alternate email id is a mail id that you need to provide as a recovery mail id if you lose your gmail credentials.

Meaning that when you use a google account from the main email, in the same way, an Alternate email can be used to log in.

Google alternate email

If you want to do this, then click on 'Add alternate email', and Google will be asked to log in to confirm the owner. In the next step 'Alternate email type' box will appear, just enter the email in it and click on the 'Add' button.

About me email: In this there is an about page where you have changed the personal data above, they can be seen and managed on one page from here. You can also hide your personal information.

2. Phone: 

Google has provided a phone number feature to turn off robots and accounts. With advanced support, two-step verification and optimization of accounts can be done, OTP to the statistics number you see, to show false or true.

If you have created a google account without a phone number, click on 'Phone' in Google account personal info, now you have to add it here by clicking on 'Add Now', then Google will send the verification code to that number, enter this OTP and verify it.

Once the mobile number is added, by clicking on the verified phone number, you can set up where Google uses your mobile number on the next screen. But Google has set it by default and this default setting is necessary for account security.

Google account phone verified

This information is used to improve your experience with google products and services. So after creating a google account, My google account personal info should be entered correctly.

You have learned that from where you can hide google personal info, then you think that my info has been hidden, now even google cannot see it, then it is absolutely wrong. All the information you have saved about yourself to create an account or after creating has been saved on Google's server.

He has the tracking report of all your activities with him, whenever he wants, he can use it at the right place for himself and the user.

You can also access my google personal info from your mobile browser. Actually, the experience is better on desktop than on mobile.

I hope that you are satisfied to know how you can hide your Google Account's personal info from where and how you can change it.

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