How to Remove a Website from Bing Webmaster Tool in under 1 Minute?

Remove a website from Bing Webmaster Tool

You are often busy trying to get your website indexed and ranked in Bing search results. But, sometimes you may want to delete a website or blog, but due to some reasons, the website may need to be removed.

If you have deleted your blog and website from hosting for any reason, it does not mean that the content will be removed from Bing's search engine. This thinking is absolutely wrong, it will lie in dead form for a few months.

Also, it should be removed from the search console, which should let the crawler know that this site is completely dead and after changing to the Bing new webmaster look, it has become easy to remove the website from the Bing webmaster tool.

If you are not planning to submit a website in the Bing webmaster tool or if you have already submitted a website in Bing webmaster tools and want to delete it, then you have come to the right place.

You are looking for a way to remove a website from Bing Webmaster Tool or maybe a website or blog on which you no longer work, in such a case the new user may not understand how I can remove a site from my webmaster tool account where do I remove this website? No need to worry this article will guide you on how to delete a website from the Bing webmaster tool. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below, they will help you to delete within a minute.

Note: Before following the steps mentioned below, this is for those who want to remove the website or blog from the Bing search console completely. No, it should be used to fix coverage 404, duplicate URL, no other post/page hiding, canonical tag and crawler error.

How to Remove a Website from Bing Webmaster Tool?

Step 1. First of all login to Bing webmaster.

Step 2. Click on the three dots from the Site Property drop-down list > 'Delete Site'

Click on delete site

Step 3. In the next popup window, just enter your domain name, then click on the 'Remove' button.

Remove website from Bing search console tool

Now that your website has been deleted from the Bing webmaster, Bing will gradually remove your site's content from the search list permanently.
After following these steps, it does not mean that your Bing webmaster tool account has been deleted, in fact, there are separate steps for them. However, by deleting a website asset from your account as above, you will remain the original owner/user of the original account.

You can re-add the website or domain to your account at any time. Maybe it happened by mistake or trying to learn.

To add to the Bing console again, the process is similar to the steps you would take to add a website to Search Console for the first time.

Now I think you completely understand how to delete your website from the Bing webmaster tool.
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