A Beginner's Complete Guide to Google Create New Account

Google create new account

Since the use of the Internet has increased since then Google has increased many products and services and is engaged in increasing it even more. If you have a Google account then you can use all these services and products.

Now the question arises here How to create a new google account? Although many of us have knowledge of Google accounts. But, there are many who have hardly any idea about how to free create google account new which is its practical use.

Before knowing the Google create new account steps, one thing you should understand is that just as we need a key to enter our home. In the same way, we need a Google Account to use Google products and services.

Whether you use Google Play, Chromebook, Google Analytics, Webmaster, Google Adsense, Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Blogger, Classroom, Google Drive, Photos, Forms, Google Play, Google Assistant, Google chrome browser to sync data or Other services start with and require a Google account in order to be used.

Therefore, this article will tell you how to create google account new or google id, so that you can get a chance to use all the free services of Google. So what is the delay, let's start knowing the steps to Google create a new account.

Create New Google Account within 5 Minutes

Before creating a free Google account, note that Users must be at least 13 years old to create a Google account and 18 years old to add a credit card. Why would you want to add a credit card? So you can use it to buy apps and games on the Play Store, subscribe to YouTube Music, and pay for other services provided by Google.

However, most of Google's services are free, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Photos. Adding a credit card is optional, and you're fine without adding a payment method to your account.

But to create a new google account, whether you use any one of these devices, whether you use mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet. But, internet and browser are definitely going to be required.

In this article, we have used the Google Chrome browser on desktop to create a new google account. You can use another browser if you want.

Step 1. First of all, by opening the browser and typing 'Google Account', click on the first result title in the search result. If not, then visit the link given here.

Step 2. Click on 'Create an account' on the top side.

Create an account in google

Step 3. The Create your Google Account form will appear on the next screen.

Create your Google Account

Note: Whoever enters Username (Gmail ID) and Password here will always have to be remembered or if there is any problem in remembering, then you can write in any secret note. This is because to access your Google account, you only need will a Username and Password to sign in to the account.


In this form, first type your first name and last name, then your username. Remember to fill in the username very carefully. This is because the username must be unique.

If you have another Google account, do not retype the name you used in it here. Enter any other name and username, do not use symbols and numbers with it.

If you want to create an email id in the name of your business, then you can type the name of your brand. But that too has to be written in a small letter, as if I wanted to make Gmail id it in the name of my website. You too can do like me.

It is not necessary that what you enter in the First and Last name, it is necessary to enter it in the username. If you want, you can keep both separately.

It is important to note that the username will appear in the new Gmail email address as 'username@gmail.com'. As in the end, my Gmail id 'bloggerorigin@gmail.com' will appear like this.

In the end, keep the password unique in which symbol, number, and alphabetic. If you want to know how to should be a strong password? For this, go through our already ready published article Examples of a Strong Password.

Just as you type in 'Password', the same characters have to be typed in 'Confirm'. Do not keep the two separate.

Once you have typed it correctly, click on the 'Next' button.

Step 2. On the next screen, type personal information such as mobile number, email, birthday and gender. If you don't have a mobile number and email or do not want to enter then you can add later. For now, if you want, you can leave these two. Because both of these are optional, if you have then both should be entered because google will use them only to protect the account.

Personal Info in New Google account

Once the form is filled correctly, click on 'Next'.

Step 3. Now to make sure that this number is your, Google will ask you to send a text message containing a 6-digit verification code, click on the 'Send' button to send the OTP to that number.

Verifly your phone number

Step 4. Check the text message on your mobile, enter the 6 digit OTP number here and then click on the 'Verify' button.

Enter OTP for newly create google account

Step 5. Next click on the 'Yes I'm in' button.

Your number will be used to

Step 6. You will then be informed of the Google Account Terms and Conditions. You can read them if you want, or you can skip them and click the 'I agree' button below. By this, you agree to all the terms of Google.

Click on I agree

On the next screen, the Google my account dashboard will appear, from here you can manage the entire Google account. congratulations! Now, You have done to finished the steps google create new account.

The username you entered earlier will be your email id and the characters you entered in the password will be your password. If you want, you can also change your password in future using your mobile number.

From now on every time you sign in you just have to enter your email id and password and every time you sign in don't forget to sign out as it prevents others from viewing your emails.

Once you've registered your email address with google, you can start using other Google products from your gmail address. To add, use and manage any Google products, all you need is a Google Account, with only a Gmail ID and password.

Therefore, you have just created a new Gmail ID, avoid sharing its password with anyone, keep changing the password once every three months to keep it more secure.

That way, you can create a new Google account in a matter of minutes. Now we hope that you enjoyed this information on how to create a free Google Account.

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