Take a Blogger Blog Template Backup with Easy 5 Steps

Blogger Blog Template Backup

However, after creating a blog on a new blogger, there is no need to back up the blog template before changing the theme immediately.

But, Blogger blog template backup is a must when you have changed the theme design, colours, fonts, ads and other coding etc. But once you have saved changes in the blogger theme you cannot undo them.

When the blogger theme crashes while you do a blog theme change or code editing, at least you have the option to upload the last working theme. Actually, when you have taken Blogger template backup, then only you can upload the restore ie backup file.

Many new bloggers forget to back up the blogger theme before uploading a new theme, which they may regret if the new theme doesn't work for them. Because they don't get a chance to restore the previous themes, menus, widgets and customizations.

You can restore all of these things from a backup and go back to your previous template. As you can see below, backing up a Blogger theme is really easy. If this has happened once, then you should definitely have your blogger blog template backup with the steps mentioned below.

5 Simple Steps to Blogger Blog Template Backup

Step 1. First of all, log in to the blogger blog.

Step 2. Click on 'Theme' on the left side.

Select the Theme option

Step 3. An inverted triangle button is attached to the 'Customize' button, click on it.

Step 4. A dropdown popup will open, from this first select the 'Backup' option.

Blogger Blog Template Backup file download

Step 5. By doing this the backup pop-up box will open, all you have to do is click on 'Download'.

Click the Download option in Blogger

By doing this an XML backup file will be downloaded to the computer's hard drive and that file will be saved in the 'Downloads' file of the computer. Now move this XML file to a safe place, so that it does not get deleted.

You can use this simple technique anytime before changing and editing the blogger template. But not only because of these but also should back up your customized Blogspot template at regular intervals without any changes.

Because when the blog is deleted, you will have a complete backup of your theme and while playing with the template code, if you make a mistake, you can quickly restore the blogger blog template from your backup files.

Hope this article has helped you with how to backup blogger blog templates, do share this article through social media.
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