How to add a Facebook Call To Action Button on Your New Fb Page?

Add Facebook Call To Action button

After creating a new Facebook, after breathing a little, the Facebook CTA button should be added, whose full name is a call to action.

You haven't created a Facebook Page yet and read our article on creating a facebook page for now, How do I create a new Facebook page

Its function is to direct your page visitors to perform a specific action, when you visit a Facebook page, a button like "Signup or Learn more" or "Message" will appear next to the page title.

These buttons encourage people to take important steps for the business, such as booking an appointment or making a purchase on your website. If your business is related to shopping then you can add the "Shop on website" CTA button on the Facebook page.

When users visit your Facebook, then these Facebook call to action buttons will take them to your shopping website to make them reach products shopping quickly.

How many types of FB Call To Action buttons are given on the Facebook page?

The Facebook company has created a group of 15 buttons designed to advance the most important objective of a business in presence, call-to-action buttons that link to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with business goals Is. But you can select any one of these buttons.

Before adding Facebook call to action button, it is important to know which buttons are given, which is a different purpose for all Fb buttons,

1. Follow: The follow button lets people subscribe to the public updates of others on Facebook. As the name suggests, you must have got the idea that this Follow button gives the latest content updates to the user on the Facebook page.

2. View Gift Card: Gift cards are a great way to grow your business. If your website makes a lot of money selling gift cards, you can use this Facebook CTA button to bring more people to your gift card page.

3. Start Order: This Facebook button is very useful for those running the restaurant, redirects the user to those restaurant websites for quick food orders from where the Custer can place the order. For this, you have to save your website or the order page has to be saved by entering the URL, then this button is activated by going.

4. Book Now: As the name suggests, one is for restaurants, hotels, and other consultations, although this button allows you to add one of the two different third party booking tools like the Facebook booking tool and the third party booking tool in your own way.

5. Call Now: This CTA button is common, here you can set a phone number that people can click on and capable you to call immediately.

6. Contact us: This button is different from the button given above because it asks to add the Contact Us page URL created on the website or blog page, which the customer can contact through his own email on your email.

7. Send Message: Adding send message button to your Facebook page helps in bringing organic traffic to your messenger channel i.e. Facebook messenger app or website is the most popular way to have a live conversation between users and you.

8. Send WhatsApp Message: If your business is using WhatsApp, you should also set up your Fb CTA button to take people to WhatsApp conversations. When you enter it, you will be asked to enter the mobile number along with the country code, then click on 'Continue'.

9. Send Email: If you prefer email, you can also add a company email address where people can contact you directly over email.

10. Learn More: You can use this fb call to action button to direct people to your About Us page or any other page.

11. Sign up: If you're creating a newsletter, you can use this button to take people to your newsletter signup form or to sign up with an affiliate link.

12. Use App: Basically, the software is for business. If you want, you can use this Facebook button to increase the number of downloads or usage of your app.

13. Play Game: If you're running a gaming company, you can also use the Play Game call to action button on your Facebook page.

14. Watch Video: If you are promoting a video or choosing to make an offer live, you can use the Watch Video CTA button to encourage more people to watch the product or promotional video can also do.

15. Shop on Website: If you have an e-commerce website, we would recommend you to use the Shop on button so that people interested in your products can easily access and shop at your store.

You have learned about 15 fb call to action buttons, now it seems to me that which CTA button you should choose, you can easily choose without a doubt. Now let's see how to reach facebook call to action button options and how to add a fb page button?

How to Add a Facebook Call To Action button?

Step 1. First of all login to Facebook and open the Fb page.

Step 2. Click on '+ Add a Button' on the right side of the title on the Facebook page.

Plus add a Button in New Facebook page

Step 3. The next popup box will open, 15 Call To Action buttons will appear in it.

Fb Call To Action buttons
Step 4. You can choose according to your business purpose, I want to have 'Send Message' button, so I click on it.

Step 5. The question and answer box will appear on the next screen. This is for them when a user asks while initiating a conversation with your Page. You can then set up automatic responses to those questions. If you want to add more questions, then you can add another by clicking on "+Add Questions". If you want, you can leave it default. I leave the default here, then click on the 'Save' button or you do not want to keep the default automatic question/answer, then you can close this pop-up box.

Frequently asked Questions box

Now the Send Message call-to-action button has been added, and it is also known where the Facebook call-to-action button options are given.

CTA FB Button Test, Edit and Delete

1. To test this, as soon as you click on 'Edit Send Message > Test Button', message boxes will appear.

Facebook CTA Test button

2. Whenever there is a need to change the fb call to action button, then you can choose another button by clicking on 'Edit Send Message > Edit Button'.

3. If you want to delete facebook button, then you can delete Facebook page by clicking on 'Edit Send Message > Delete Button > Delete Button', afterwards they will appear as before '+ Add a Button'.

In this way you can add, edit and delete your Facebook page button.

I would like to tell you something at the end that does not choose the wrong button. I recommend that you choose the button that best meets the goals of your advertising campaign.

Yes, there is no guarantee that adding a Call-To-Action button will increase your website traffic and sales but there is no harm in trying. Although it takes hardly 3 minutes to create the Facebook call to action button, that you experienced by adding it.

Now I think you have understood completely, and through this article you are satisfied by adding call to action button in Facebook page.
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