How to Log in or Log out on the Instagram Web?

Instagram web Login and logout

Instagram is a social media application designed to share photos and videos from mobile devices. Users have a profile and a feed, which allows them to follow other users to view their profile feed, as well as create their own feed with content and more.

All this we used in many Instagram app on a mobile phone. But have you used Instagram web i.e. run Instagram on a computer browser? Many people work on computer or laptop, for them, it seems boring to use social media on Android phones.

Because they have always created their experiences on the big screen, when they watch reel, post, story on Instagram on a smartphone, then a question arises about that how much fun it would be if they had an Instagram web login on a laptop or computer.

Your fantasy is about to come true. What happens is that people know that Instagram is used from only apps and Instagram was released for the most mobile, this thing is still in the mind of the people.

When the number of users on Instagram increased, the Insta company released the Instagram web version. Today many people might not know about the web version. You know, just as you use the Instagram app, you can do all the activity in the Instagram web version.

Insta is an image and video-sharing social network. That's why putting high-quality images and videos on it is tempting for followers and followings today, along with creating a variety of design content to grow a business today is becoming competitive on Instagram today.

A big advantage of this is that you have a big company that instead of doing the design for their product on mobile, it becomes easy to upload all this content by doing computer professional photoshop or graphic design directly by logging into the Instagram web.

This is easy too, you use Photoshop to edit company photos, it's as easy as clicking 'Upload' from your desktop when editing is finished, rather than sending the same photo or video to your personal phone.

After knowing this, you must have understood what is the main purpose of using the Instagram web version.

But, what are the features we can use from the Instagram Web Version?

This is the best question, whether you simply prefer the larger desktop screen or can't access the Instagram app, there are plenty of good reasons to use Instagram on your computer instead.

While the social platform is primarily intended for use in apps, it provides a nearly identical experience if you access it on your computer, as in,
  • You can replay other people's stories by watching them.
  • You can find other Instagram users by using hashtags.
  • Suggestions for you can see and follow.
  • Can use Instagram feed.
  • You can like and comment on the post.
  • It's easy to reply to direct messages.
  • You can see the notification.
  • You can publish new posts.
  • Can access Profile, Saved, Settings, and Switch account options.
  • You can post photos and videos from your profile local drive.
  • Can share posts, reels, and stories.
  • You can sign up for an Instagram account.
Now let's know how to do an Instagram web login on the desktop.

Instagram Web Log in

I am here to use a chrome browser to log in to Instagram on my computer. You can use any of your favourite web browser on a computer or laptop, but it will be best if you use Chrome, the fastest browser.

Step 1. First of all, open the browser, then type 'Instagram login' in the URL bar and press enter, if not doing so then click on the link given here.

Step 2. Once you are on the Instagram website, enter your Instagram id and password in the login box, which you have been using in your Instagram app, then click on the 'Login' button.

instagram web login

If you log in to your Instagram account directly through Facebook login, then you have to log in by clicking on the 'Login with facebook' link.

Step 3. The next screen will show a message about saving your login information on the browser, this message says 'We may save your login information on this browser so you don't need to enter it again'.

Save your login info

However you click 'Save info' your Instagram login information will be saved in your browser, when you visit the login page on the Instagram website, your profile image and username will be shown. Simply, clicking on the Continue username blue colour button will directly login to your account.

Clicking 'Not Now' will enable you to log into an Instagram account by entering login information each time. Which one to choose between these two is completely up to you.

Step 4. If you want to get notifications on Like, Comment, and Follow on Instagram, then you have to click on 'Turn on' and if you don't want a notification then click on 'Not Now'.

After choosing one of these, you will be fully successfully logged into your account. Now you can start doing what you wanted to do.

Instagram Web Logout

Step 1. Click on Instagram Profile on the right side.

Instagram Web Log Out

Step 2. A drop-down menu will open, from this the last option click on 'Log out'.

Doing so will log out of the Insta account, when you need to log in to the account then clicking on the button with the blue continue username will directly login to the Instagram account without login, this will happen when you have selected the option with Save Info.

Otherwise, you will have to log in to Instagram web by entering your login id and password, both of them are well known at Step 3.
Hope you are satisfied to know how to log in and log out on the Instagram web. Don't forget to share this article on social networks.
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