How to Set an Alarm on Android Mobile in Just One Minute?

Set alarm on android phone

The alarm is for those people who forget their work, they are busy and helps to wake them up by ringing the ring when they get out of bed.

Many people believe that alarms are used for the morning. By the way, an alarm is used not only for getting up early in the morning but also for other things which depend on the work and needs of the person.

Like a student can set an alarm for studies and keep it. If you are a blogger who is busy with many things, due to which you forget other work, then only it is used. Today many such big bloggers also use an alarm.

Apart from this, the person is very busy throughout the day and forgets his little things. So setting an alarm can be very beneficial for them and setting a mobile alarm is also easy.

These days many Android phones are launching with a good OS which makes it super easy to set alarms for the new user and luckily, these days almost every device has some kind of alarm feature to keep you on schedule.

This includes your Android phone and tablet, which comes preloaded with a reliable, easy-to-use, and very inspiring clock app.

If you want to set an alarm on your Android mobile, here's our article on how to set an alarm on an Android device. So that you never accidentally sleep for a long time again.

How to Set an Alarm on an Android Phone?

All android mobiles will be of different brands and different OS, so it is a bit difficult to tell with all OS. But, there is not much difference in all Android smartphones, the app menu, clock icon, and interface may be different, all other names, repeat features, alarm on-off, day vice alarm setting are all the same.

To set an alarm on Android, first of all, the Clock app is required. If it's not already on your home screen, you can find it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and going to your apps menu, taking a closer look at the app menu.

I have given below screenshots about how to set an alarm in my Mi phone with the steps mentioned below, just keep following them.

Step 1. Find out the alarm clock app on your phone and open it.

Step 2. As soon as you open it, already in some ready format, the alarm will appear as off by default. Just next to it there will be a button to switch on, tap on it. Then that default alarm will be unhid by clicking on it and clicking on 'Additional setting'.

Alarm clock set on Mi phone

The alarm is not set by default in many Android phones, for this, when you open the alarm clock, then a button of '+' will appear at the bottom, clicking on it will have to reduce activity. In some Android mobiles, the plus button is given above on the right side. If there is, clicking on it will take you to the alarm set sub-screen.

Step 3. Once you reach the alarm set sub screen, scroll through the numbers to set the time, set am/pm, set the ringtone by clicking on the ringtone, turn on the chime with the ring on, and how many times you want to "Repeat" the alarm, after setting up all these things correctly, you have to Save it.

Set Alarm clock

Now the alarm has been set in your Clock app, the alarm will start ringing at the time you have set by setting the time.

When the alarm is to be turned off, you had switched on to turn on the alarm, in the same way by clicking on the blue color switch button, you will be asked whether you want to turn off for tomorrow's date, or want to turn off 'Repeat' alarm.

You have to choose both of these according to your own accord. If click on it first will be off the alarm for tomorrow. But, from the day after tomorrow, the alarm will go on again.

Click on the second option, it will turn off completely. The number of days you have custom will go off the alarm for the entire day.

Similarly, in any of your OS Android phones, Tablet, Smartwatch, etc., you can set an alarm by the above-mentioned steps.
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