How to Install a theme into WordPress? (Two Methods)

Install a theme into WordPress

WordPress themes play an important role in a website or blog and there are millions of free professional themes available on WordPress as compared to Blogger. If you want, you can upload your own made theme or premium theme i.e. the custom theme.

Before that, the question arises here, In which WordPress platforms we are talking about installing themes, or Here I will tell you how to install a theme into WordPress ie self-hosted? I am going to tell step by step about it.

Before starting let me tell you that you are new to WordPress and confused about whether to use a free theme or a premium theme. If I tell from my opinion then it is better to buy the theme. Because, WordPress premium themes support page builders, enabling anyone of any skill level to make their theme unique without touching a line of code. Many more facilities are also provided.

I think you must have understood now. Now let's talk about how to install a theme into WordPress, It is easy to understand, and it is not complicated at all.

New wordpress users might find it complicated to install a theme, but once you go ahead with the bode in mind, then you can install a WordPress theme without this guide.

Still, how do I install themes in self-hosted WordPress with my own steps? I'll tell you that. But there are two ways to install themes on WordPress, a theme Directory installation process and a custom theme uploading process. In this article, I will tell you how to install themes in both ways. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below till the end of the article.

Important things to consider before changing the WordPress Theme?

Installing a wordpress theme is easy but keep in mind that if you activate a new theme, it will change the look of your website.

If you are switching from an existing theme, then the below-mentioned tips are a must-see. But, having just installed the theme on the new wordpress hosting is not so important for those who are half immersed in the wordpress journey. Must see it once again.
  • Some wordpress website owners customize their wordpress themes by adding code snippets directly to their theme files. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you check your current theme files and note any additional code.
  • Before changing your theme, you should check the loading speed of your current website. WordPress speed and performance play a vital role in user experience and wordpress seo, you need to make sure that the new theme is faster than the theme you are currently using.
  • Each theme's sidebar widget area is different, so if you switch themes, your widgets may unexpectedly disappear or disappear from your site. So it is important to note down this before changing the theme. Then you can easily repeat them after switching.
  • If you have pasted these codes in theme edit like Auto Adsense Ads code, Google Analytics code, Webmaster code, etc., then note those codes before changing the WordPress theme.
  • Before changing your theme, you should back up your posts, pages, plugins, media, and database completely. The easiest way to do this is to back up your entire site using the WordPress Backup plugin.

How to Install a Theme into WordPress through the Theme Directory?

After knowing this much, if you want to install a free wordpress theme from the themes directory, the easiest way is to use the built-in theme search. How will they do, then follow the steps given below?

Step 1. First login to WordPress, then click on the 'Appearance » Themes » Add New' button on the left side of the dashboard.

Add new button click

Step 2. On the next screen, the full theme directory will open, and there is the ability to choose top side themes such as Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorites, and Feature filter. Also, if you know the name of the theme, then the search bar is also given.

Feature Filter

You can use these options according to your own, but here I choose the subject, features, and layout according to my own using the feature filter and clicking on 'Apply Filter'. You can do something like this according to you.

Step 3. A list of themes will be shown on the next screen based on the search. I searched for a popular Astra theme, you have to choose a theme according to you and click on the 'Install' button.

Click on Install button

Step 4. After doing this, wordpress will start installing, after complete installation, click on the 'Active' theme.

Click on Active

Now your theme is completely installed. Always after installing the theme, all the settings are default, that's all you need to configure. But, not all are the same because depending on the theme, it will have additional settings options attached.

Theme configure setting options will be visible in 'Appearance' or by going to theme option, they will show the theme which is currently active, you can configure the theme by simply clicking on the 'Customize' button.

How to Install a Theme Using the Upload Method from WordPress Admin?

In this method, you must have the theme download zip file. Even if you have downloaded premium wordpress themes from the official theme directory, from StudioPress, Elegant Themes, Themify, etc. It doesn't matter here, just a theme zip file is needed.

If you haven't downloaded the theme file yet, then download it first, I have downloaded the theme file for free from the theme directory. By uploading that I will show you if you have downloaded any theme from any corner, how to upload a custom theme in the WordPress dashboard.

Before you begin start by downloading the .zip file of the theme that you purchased from the Marketplace or a commercial theme store. I have downloaded and kept it ready on the desktop.

Step 1. Click on the 'Appearance » Themes » Add New' button in the left sidebar.

Step 2. On the next screen click on 'Upload Theme'.

Click on Upload Theme

Step 3. Now upload the downloaded zip file, then click on the 'Browser' button.

Click on the Browser button

Step 4. Select the wordpress theme downloaded file, then click on 'Open'.

Downloaded WordPress theme zip file

Step 5. Click on the 'Install Now' button.

WordPress theme Install now

Step 6. Once the theme is installed, click on the 'Active' link.

Click on Active button

Congratulation, your wordpress theme has been successfully installed and activated. Depending on the theme, you can start configuring through the theme customizer or through a separate options panel by selecting the additional settings option.

Once you have your wordpress theme completely installed, all your old plugins will start working with your new theme. There is no need to download and install them again, if you want, you can install other new plugins if needed.

Now add your snippet code, sidebar widget, Adsense ads, google analytics, webmaster codes, etc. to their place again.

Then see how is the loading speed and performance of the new theme as compared to the old theme.

I hope this article helped you to know how to install a theme into wordpress and after knowing this, if you are satisfied then do share this article on Facebook and Twitter.
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