How to change your Name on Facebook Website or Android App?

Facebook name change

Many times, without understanding in the beginning, they enter the name on Facebook, then think about changing the new name on Facebook, this happens many times.

But, there can be no single reason for changing the name of Facebook, there can be many reasons such as on the behest of your girlfriend, your Facebook name has become old, due to which, you want to keep the traditional name according to the traditional lifestyle, remove the surname you want to keep a single name and there may be any other reasons that you want to change your name on the social media site Facebook?

It is not that Fb users will not have changed facebook names for a long time, they must have changed the name once. Today the Facebook company has also changed its name to 'Meta'.

Whether you are a new Facebook user or a little old, now you want to change facebook name, then this article will guide you step by step respectively how to change your new Facebook name by deleting your old name on Facebook. But before that, we have forgotten to decide which name to change on Facebook, Facebook profile name or Facebook username.

This article is about changing facebook profile name only and Facebook allows you to change your username in Android as well as iOS applications.

I will tell you how to change facebook name through the web and Android app on both these devices.

If you are not satisfied with your current name or want to improve it, then you can follow these steps to modify your Facebook profile name. Before changing the name, know the necessary policy?

Q. How many times can I change my profile name on Facebook?
There is no limit here. Some social media platforms allow you to change your name as many times as you want. But Facebook lets you set the duration. Suppose you have just facebook change your name, you want to change it again after two days. Can't do that. For this, 60 days will have to be taken out, which means that only one name change is allowed in a period of 60 days.

Q. How long can a Facebook profile name be?
The Facebook policy is a bit strict when it comes to changing your name. The maximum Facebook profile name can be up to 52 words long, but who would want to have such a long name?

What can be written in the name is also a limit. Review their name standards to make sure your new name conforms to their myriad of guidelines on what can and cannot be spelled. Here's an idea of ​​it below.
  • Can't write in multiple languages.
  • Symbols, numbers, odd capitalization, repeating characters, or punctuation may not be used in the name.
  • No word or phrase or any kind of objectionable word can be written in place of the name.

How to Change Your Facebook Name for Web?

With the steps mentioned here, you can change facebook name not only from a computer but also from a laptop, there are exactly the same steps for both of them. First of all, you are going to need both your Facebook ID and password to log in to Facebook.

Step 1. First of all, log in to Facebook by doing a browser on your computer or laptop.

Step 2. On the right side of Facebook, click on the up and 'Down Arrows'

Step 3. By clicking on it, click on the 'Settings & Privacy' option in the dropdown.

Facebook settings menu

Step 4. Click on 'Settings'

Settings in Facebook

Step 5. In the next screen, the first General Profile Settings will appear, in this first click on 'Edit' next to 'Name'

Fb General profile settings

Step 6. Now enter whatever facebook profile name you want, I want to put Kundariya in the surname, so I wrote Kundariya in the surname, in the same way, whatever you want to keep the middle name/surname If you want, you can write in that box.

Facebook name change in Fb Settings

Once you have entered the complete Facebook name, click on the 'Review Change' button.

Step 7. In the next popup, click on the name you want to appear on the Facebook profile in the shuffled list, then enter your Facebook login password in the password box, then click on 'Save change'

Review Change Button

Now your profile name has been changed, go to your Facebook profile and see how the name looks, or by clicking on Facebook Home, you can see your changed facebook name.

How to Change Your Name on Facebook on the Fb Android App?

First, install the Facebook app on your Android mobile, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Open the Facebook app

Step 2. On the top right side, click on the 'Profile icon'

Step 3.
Click on 'Settings'

Step 4. Click on 'Personal Information'

Step 5.
click on 'Name'

Step 6. Here whatever name you want to keep in your Facebook app profile, enter it here and click on the 'Review change' blue button.

This is how you can change your name on Facebook using your Android or Computer, as you have seen the step was almost the same for Android just like changing from a web browser (Computer).

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