How to Free Mozilla Firefox Download? (For Windows or Android)

Free Mozilla Firefox Download

Talking about the top browser in the world, the name of the chrome browser comes first. But Mozilla browser comes second only to chrome and as compared to Internet Explorer, Firefox offers the users a cleaner interface and faster download speed.

But still, people use their device's default browser and chrome browser. If you are getting better or boring with one browser every day, then you should download free mozilla firefox once.

Firefox collects so little data about you compared to other browsers that they don't even ask for your email address to download mozilla. Best of all, like other browsers, Firefox doesn't expect any financial gain from tracking any of your activities on the Internet.

Private browsing mode automatically blocks third-party tracking cookies, blocks crypto mining scripts, blocks social trackers when using and downloading firefox in the latest version, all these give security and privacy.

You have deleted it because of slow use once, it used to be like this earlier. I have also done such filling. But since the big update that came in 2021, Chrome gives as much filling as the browser.

Not all browsers run on all operating systems. However, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera work on all major systems and are easy to install. Meaning that it is used by downloading free mozilla firefox on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

Do you really want the Latest free mozilla firefox download? If you have formatted windows on a fresh computer or laptop, then there is a chance that instead of the chrome browser, you should first download firefox and see how fast it is.

This article, How to download mozilla firefox in latest version for both windows and android for free? will give guidelines in this regard respectively. But downloading for other devices is the same. If after reading this article completely to Mozilla browser download on another device, you can use this method a little bit with your mind. Because the browser, operating system, and device may be different.

First of all the question arises that my Windows operating system is 32bit and some will say that my OS is 64bit. No need to worry about how to download Firefox for them. When the second downloading process of the Mozilla browser itself will scan your system and download it. It does not need to be installed manually.

Free Mozilla Firefox Download for Windows

Step 1. First of all, you will need the internet and an existing browser. After ready, open the browser and type 'Mozilla firefox browser for windows' in url bar, then press enter. Select the first option in the search result. If you do not want to do this, then click on the link given here.

Step 2. On the next screen click on 'Download Now'

Download now button

Step 3. After doing this, the Mozilla firefox setup file download will begin, their file size will be around 462kb. If the automatic setup file is not downloaded, then click on the 'Try downloading again' link.

firefox setup file download

Step 4. Once the mozilla setup file is downloaded, click on it. As soon as you click, downloading the complete file of Mozilla firefox will start.

Firefox setup file downloading

The time taken to complete the firefox downloading process depends on your internet speed. You don't have to cancel it until the complete downloading is finished.

Step 5. Once the downloading process is over, the Mozilla browser will open automatically and you will see the welcome screen.

Step 6. All you have to do is click on 'Not Now'. Once again next time 'Not Now' has to be done.

Click Not Now

Step 7. Now you will be asked to choose the theme, after choosing according you have to click on 'Save Theme'. If the theme is to be kept as the default then click on 'Not Now'.

Firefox Save Theme

On the next screen, you will go to the Mozilla firefox home screen. From here you can experience all over features like search, and setting. Now you can start the activities that you used to do in your old browser.

Free Mozilla Firefox Download for Android

Step 1. First of all, open the play store and type 'Mozilla firefox' and enter or click on the link given here.

Step 2. On the next screen, click on the 'Install' button, by doing so the downloading process will start.

Mozilla Firefox App Download

Step 3. Once the mozilla firefox app is downloaded, a Mozilla browser icon will be automatically created in the menu apps. For now, click on 'Open'.

Step 4. Now you will see the welcome screen from the Firefox browser side, which has some minor setting options such as,

Choose your theme: Automatic (Which will change to dark and white according to your Android OS system.)

Pick your toolbar placement: Top (Indicating whether you want to place the search address bar at the bottom or top.)

Always on privacy: Standard (Leave it default)

Synchronize firefox between devices: If you want to sync search history, password-id, extensions, bookmarks, etc. with your email, then you can create an account on mozilla by clicking 'signup'. You can do this work later also, it is not necessary compulsorily.)

Now the last option, to know about your privacy of Mozilla firefox, can be read by clicking on 'Read our privacy notice'.

Mozilla Firefox Start browsing

Once the short settings are configured, click on the 'Start browsing' button. On the next screen, you will see the firefox search home screen. Now those who want to search in the 'Search or enter address' box on the top, can start the search query by typing the words.

You have now successfully downloaded, installed, and entered the Firefox app home screen in Mozilla firefox for Android OS-supported devices. The steps to Mozilla firefox download are very simple. In addition, it is completely free and easy to use.

By doing this live practical you have seen how to download free Mozilla firefox on Windows and Android phone.

Windows users have always considered this browser to be less popular than chrome because it is more popular. Still, Firefox's privacy features are better than all others.

Many people still prefer to use the Firefox browser over others.

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