How to Create Free Blog on in a Few Minutes?

Free blogger blog create

Have you ever thought about how to create a free blog on Blogger? If so, you're going to love this post. Here are the things I learned from creating my first blog. Today in this article you will also learn how to create a free blog.

When it comes to earning money sitting at home by writing online articles for free, the name of the platform comes first. Even when someone wakes up to create a blog, first of all, blogger will create a free blog on the blog.

Because creating a blog on it is free and managing a blog is also easy. Any internet savvy person can also create a blog on Blogger.

If you don't know the blog meaning, then let me tell you that the meaning of a blog is to reach people through digital means by writing your thoughts, feelings, knowledge, or any information, It's called a blog.

Now you have learned what is a blog called?, now your intention is to make money by creating a free blog, then a blogger blog allows you to create a blog with unlimited posts for free.

No need to buy domain, theme and hosting in this blogger free platform, because the blogger provides all three for free. If you want to show your domain professional or ownership, then you can buy a custom domain name.

Once you change your mind after creating a free blog, then you can add a custom domain to Blogger. But first, you have to create a Blogger blog for free. Are you ready, then follow the steps given below, those steps will teach you how to create free blog in a few minutes.

How to Create Free Blog on

Step 1. Before getting started, you must have a Gmail id, if not, register at I don't think that anyone will not have Gmail accounts. This product is from Google, without gmail it is impossible to create free blog on Blogger.

Now to access the blogger's official website open the browser on a computer or laptop then type 'Blogger' or visit the link given here, Click here

Step 2. In the next blogger login screen, you can log in in two ways - first, click on the orange 'Create Your Blog' button in the middle of the page and, in the top right corner of the page, click on the 'Sign in' button. Simply click on either of these two buttons, in the next page login box will open, enter Gmail and password in it.

Blogger login page

If you have already logged in Gmail ID, then it will directly ask you to enter the display name on the Confirm Your Profile page.

Step 3. Once you log in, you will be asked to enter the display name, enter what you want to keep in it, and click on the 'Continue to Blogger' button.

Display name in blogger

Step 4. On the next screen, you will step into the blogger dashboard, there you will see an orange color button of 'Create New Blog', all you have to do is click on it.

Create New Blog Button

Step 5. Here enter your blog name which you have chosen for the new blog. Then click on 'Next' button.

New blog name

Step 6. Here enter your blog address which you have already kept for consideration for a new blog. Then click on 'Save' button.

New blog address

When you enter the address you have chosen in the blog address box, Blogger will prompt you under the box whether this blog address is available or not. If a blog is already available on free Blogspot, then 'Sorry this blog address is not available' will be seen as written in red color. If it is, then it will be written as 'This blog address is available', it means that no one has created any blog with this name.

Note: Avoid using your personal name as a domain name whenever writing a domain name, and instead, use some generic domain names that you can later brand with custom domains.

Congratulations! Now you have entered the free blogger blog, from here you can do everything like write post/page, link directly with Google Adsense, manage and configure blog comments, theme layout, blog settings, etc. can.

If you want to check your new free blog, how it looks, by scrolling down on the right side of the blog dashboard, after clicking on the last option 'View blog', In a new tab, your blog will open with the BlogSpot subdomain. At present, the content will appear empty. Because you have just created a fresh blog.

Whenever you want, you can remove a Blogspot subdomain and link to a free Blogger blog by purchasing a new domain from any provider. It is not mandatory that you use a custom domain. You can continue your blog on the Blogspot subdomain for free. You can set up a custom domain whenever you need it.

Now you have created a free blog on blogger blog. But, if you are confused about in which category the post should be written on the blog, then click on the link given below. They will guide you on how to find the niche of your blog.
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