Blogging Tips to reach your Goals for better Bloggers

Blogging Tips to reach your goals for better Bloggers

I am active in continuously blogging for 5 years. In these 5 years, I have made a lot of mistakes in blogging. And I am always trying to correct my mistakes until and unless I believe that life is too short, instead of making mistakes you have a chance to learn something from others' mistakes.

To become a successful blogger, this question arises in the mind of every blogger. Are you a blogger, or are you trying to make a successful blog?

Many bloggers are not close to their content hearts and trust, because they are trying to earn money by copying others. If you are running like this, then get away from it from now on, because this method is wrong and search engines do not like it at all.

If you have reached halfway by writing your own content in the right way, then I am sharing some tips, which can help you in blogging success. Here are 15 blogging tips that will make you a better blogger, improve the quality of your posts, and give you more readers, all you have to do is follow them.

1. Know what you are talking about in your mind

Duplicate content is created in the mind of the new blogger to earn money. If you do this, you will never succeed. It's up to you to decide which direction I want to go.

Become a coffee expert as you write about coffee, become a car expert if you write about cars, or write about aspects of cars you know and care about people If you are just on the way to becoming an expert.

There is a second argument to understand here. If you are an expert then become a blogger expert, you can tell here what has happened since I started blogger, blog about what you read, and write what you learned.

So by changing your mind, make a relation with your learned and your interest. Make a habit of reading videos and articles about this. With which you will be able to stay updated in writing the content in your blogging journey.

2. Set goals for your posts

By focusing on your keyword research, then by querying these keywords by the search engine, see how many articles have been written on the searched keyword and read what is written in that article. You have to try to write better content than that.

Write such valuable content that will be liked by the search engine detective and the reader as well. Also, do you need to keep writing a regular post that solves the current problem of some of your readers? Use SEO tools as per your goal, and spend a significant amount of time, and spend significant time on regular posts.

3. Know your audience and niche

This is the role of competition between you and the outsider (the reader) is very important. You might consider paying attention to the language and style of the people you're targeting, as the simplest language gets shared the most.

Let me tell a simple logic, Windows 11 is launched, you have to install it on your laptop and learn with full enjoyment. Then you have to write on a specific topic or you can make a complete tutorial. Because Windows 11 is new, it is not completely spread in the world, maybe gradually people will start using it, then gradually they will start searching for their tips and tricks about Windows 11 online.

In this way, you can target your niche by looking at the audiences even if no one comes to search yet, when people adopt Windows 11 completely after then see what happens.

4. Keep Contents Short and Simple

To enslave your visitors to the post you write, write articles and keywords like this. When the visitor does some search then your post title and description should appear in the search result. Write according to your article so that readers can know what your article says.

I advise you here to keep everything simple and easy to keep everything simple and easy, short words simple short term. If you have a lot of content, it's probably a good idea to break the post up into a series of posts, which will continue to write in the second paragraph or page.

5. Make it easy to read

People come to your post, looking at the decorative text of the text, they are not attracted when you write in a simple stylish words. Make the post article easier to read by using larger fonts, I would say keep 16 px full-text size for the website. New paragraphs in the dark-coloured text on a light background Use bold text or bullet points for important items in 3-4 lines.

And it is necessary to use things like links, colour, text alignment, and numeric paragraphs in the blog text. Which can make your visitor an attraction. These things are easy to do, no need to all change styles. You look at all my posts and see where the texts have been changed to a new look.

And use grammar tools to help you improve your grammar. It is free and also available at a premium. You can choose one of these options.

6. Use Images

Image is a perfect way for everyone to make posts easy to understand. And there should be a connection between the post and the image on your blog.

First, make sure you don't use copyrighted images. I'm sure you know, you can't use anything you can find on Google Images. Also, make sure your images are expanding your post and help your readers understand what the article is about. Many decorative or abstract images can be confusing.

Lastly, remember that you can use more than simple pictures. You can embed all types of media in your blog posts like videos, quizzes, comics, social media, etc.

7. Your inspiration shared with the reader

Blogging has changed your life itself, it can also change the life of the reader. Because the blog is open to an audience and opens to the public on multiple levels, it has the function of providing.

The service is dedicated to investing your writing time, energy, and worldview, and then it's free to let anyone read it. Your writing will inspire others and it is a good idea.

8. Say something at the end of the post

At the end of the post, ask people to share or respond to comments and at the end, share your views related to the niche. If you're writing about your products and services, ask them to sign up/subscribe to your newsletter or ask them to follow you on Twitter-Facebook.

9. Fill your article with links

This is a big help factor for SEO to rank your blog in search engines. Add internal and external links to your blog posts. We can reduce the bonus rate. But before placing the links, keep in mind that by writing the anchor text related to the topic on which the article is written, add the link.

10. Guest post

Keep writing a guest post for your blog which helps in building backlinks and is also useful in increasing traffic. You can ask your readers to join the guest post at the end of the post or you can create backlinks for your blog by writing author posts for other blogs.

11. Be attached to social media.

Today, being active on various social media platforms is the best opportunity to foster relationships not only with your target market but also with industry influencers. In addition to promoting your posts and connecting with your followers, you can curate influencer content and add your website links to your social profile and content to boost popularity, traffic, and selling.

12. Stick to a theme for better SEO and strong follower support

One of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning, and see other bloggers make, is to change a theme for your posts over and over again. This is the biggest mistake. Choose a theme once which does not need to be changed again.

Some WordPress themes for blogging are free, while some are paid, so-called premium themes. If free themes are also available, should you be using paid themes?

If you don't have a budget, then definitely do it. But choose a theme that must be fast, SEO friendly, related to your niche.

If you want to buy themes then you can buy premium themes from Mythemshop, Themeforest, and StudioPress.

13. Use infographics

Many blog posts fall short when it comes to really engage your audience and this is where infographics can come to the rescue with their content. You don't have to be an infographic expert or design agency to know how much visual content can improve engagement.

You can't grab your audience's attention with large blocks of text. But interacting with visual content at regular intervals can make all the difference. It brings to life the story you are telling and provides them with different ways to engage with that story.

14. Update old content

This is something that I do regularly. View your old posts, Add relevant links, Update your photos, Pinterest-friendly images with text, Add keywords, Check errors, Remove broken links, Add new paragraphs with old content. Updating some of this old content is a good way to drive some traffic to your blog. In addition, Google also loves updated content, it can add you to the ranking page.

15. Compress your images

You work hard to create stellar content and you spend countless hours promoting your blog and networking with other bloggers. If the image loads, the waterfalls on all your hard work.

Featured and Posts takes image loading in most mobile versions. But it may also be that many visitors may be on a slow mobile connection, it becomes clear.

If you have more than 1000 posts published on your website or blog, then you can hide the features image in the mobile home page. Also, keep the length and height of your image low and keep the image file size low or reduce the size by compressing it and converting the image webp format and uploading it in your post, it will load 26% faster than jpeg and png format is.

While these 15 techniques mentioned above have worked for me, blogging as an industry is constantly evolving, which is why you should always stay up-to-date about the latest in digital publishing.

I hope this post will help you to become a better blogger. If you know anyone who can benefit from this post, please share it with friends on social networks, etc.
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