How to Download Free Blogger Theme in 6 Easy Steps?

Blogger Theme Download Free

Blogger can be called the oldest website builder or blog builders. But the worst thing the user thinks is their theme design, blogger is full of simple design themes like Contempo, Soho, Emporio, Notable, Essential etc.

But this blogger theme is used to create a personal blog, so we can not say such a bad theme. These themes are not used anywhere other than personal. The reason behind these will definitely remind you of your blogger experience.

Still, if you look online, there are many blogger themes available on professional design websites, you can download one of the blogger themes in both free and premium versions.

Although the free blogger theme does not get the features like footer link, lifetime update, cookies consent, box mode, fast load etc., still many blogger users use such free blogger themes, they are also getting good traffic and earning a lot is.

There is no such thing, if you want, you can download free blogger theme from any blogger theme shop. If you have made a fresh start on Blogger, then you should experience it for some time. Many bloggers use free blogger themes with a custom domain, yet their blog is successful.

You have started a new journey on blogger, which is the best blogger theme download free site online and how do download it? A step by step guide is given below about this.

Which is the best site for Blogger Theme Download Free?

Many sites have emerged in the online market today, which are providing free and premium theme downloads for bloggers similar to wordpress theme, all you have to do is choose your favourite theme.

As the best and fast blogger theme shops are,, and, in which themes will be available in both free and premium versions.

I'll use the example 'templateify' website here on downloading blogger theme.

Step 1. First of all, open any browser and type '' in the URL box and press enter.

Step 2. On the next screen, you will see a lot of blogger themes, let's scroll down a bit. Now click on 'Show more template' and try to choose your blog category wise theme.

Step 3. Once the right theme is selected, click on the theme or Download icon.

Click on Theme

Steps 4. In the next screen, you will see the complete details about those themes, download a little scroll down, then the comparison of free vs premium has been told, this will let you know what features are available in free themes and premium themes.

Blogger blog theme free download

Step 5. If you want to download the free theme in any case, then click on 'Free download' in the left side. Check it out first by clicking on the 'Live preview' button to see how the theme of your choice looks.

Step 6. The theme zip file will start downloading as soon as you click it, in just a few seconds the complete theme will be downloaded and stored on your computer in the 'Download' file. However, at which place you have chosen the download location, completely depends on your browser. If you haven't made any changes, the zip file will appear in the download file by default.

Now you have downloaded blogger theme free. Similarly, if you want to buy the theme, then by clicking on the 'Buy now' button, the theme is downloaded by crossing the payment method. Once you know the performance of the theme, you can go to the premium theme.

If you are considering buying a premium theme first, then you should check by installing that free theme first, then consider buying a premium theme. By which you will get to know about their features, design, how fast they are, overall performance.

We hope that this article is useful to those people who want to blogger theme download free. If you like this article then do share it on social media.
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