Learn Manage Blogger Blog Basic Settings in 5 Minutes

Blogger Blog Basic Settings

It takes only 5 minutes to create a blog on blogger, but after that coding to give a professional look to the blog and configuring blogger settings can take many hours. If you know correctly, then you can bring necessary changes within a minimum of 1 hour.

Currently, this article is about the basic settings of blogger blogs. After creating a new blogger blog, the user may not know how to adjust or change the title, description, blog language, adult content, Google analytics property id, and favicon basic setting.

When I started my blogspot blog, I was not even aware of this blog basic settings. Today, many blogs have been created on blogger, some of which are special and some have been made for backlinks. After doing so much, I got to learn a lot.
Compared to before, Google has updated blogger settings and designs in such a way that a new user can easily set up and manage.

Blogger Blog Basic Settings

To access blogger blog basic settings, you have to log in to Blogger, then on the left side 'Settings > Basic' section, you will see that 6 options are given.

Blogger Blog Basic Settings

1. Title

The first of these is the title option, which you entered while creating the blog, it can be changed from here. To change this, clicking on 'Title' will open a popup, in which the old title will be written, you just have to remove it and write the new title and make it 'Save'.

Blog title change

Blogger allows you to write blog title up to 100 words. That's why you don't have to write such a long title, but it can't be such a big title. Although blogger has allowed more titles.

According to seo friendly, write the title of the blog up to 30 words or maximum 55 words and do not add any symbols to them.

2. Description

A blog description is a short summary of your blog. In terms of seo, we are talking about blog descriptions that appear in search listings and social media shares.

To change this, clicking on 'Description' will open a pop-up box for entering details and Blogger allows you to write a description up to 500 words long, then 'Save' it. 

Blog maine description

But all search engines have a description characters limit, according to seo techniques, the description should be 150 words, even if it is 170 in other search engines, although the description written by you in 150 words will appear in the search result.

Basically, descriptions can technically be any length, but google usually shortens snippets to 155 or 160 characters. Therefore, you should write the description of your main blog according to the purpose of your blog. Once you type the title and description, it will appear in the search result like this.

Bloggerorigin blog appear search result

3. Blog language

The language of this blog can be changed from here, but the language doesn't change in the blogger dashboard, it can be changed on your theme date format, sidebar title, footer link, comments, read more, etc. This blog language works on Blogger's theme default main features options.

If you have selected the blog language English and written the content, widgets in the language of Russia, then it will appear in Russia only, no it will not be translated into English. If you want to mix both languages equally, then the blog language should also be chosen as the Russian language.

If your blog content is in English, let it remain in default english, no need to make any changes here. Blogger allows you to choose any one of them in up to 65 languages.

To change it, by clicking on 'Blog language', the language selection pop-up box will open, scroll down the language you want to choose from, then click on the 'Save' button.

Blogger blog language

4. Adult content

Blogger is a free service for self-expression and communication. We all know that blogger increases the availability of information, promotes healthy discussion, and makes possible new relationships between people. These features are given to alert your site visitors about explicit content, which you can guess from the name of whom it is given.

Although blogger has given two different options such as,

1. Show warning to blog readers: If your blog is only slightly controversial, you can add your own content warning to a section of your blog. To turn it on, click on the switch button in front of 'Show warning to blog readers'.

When a reader comes, it will give a warning to the reader like the screenshot given below,

Sensitive content warning

If a reader agrees by clicking on 'I understand and I wish to continue' then they will go to your blog. By clicking on the button next to them, you will be redirected to the blogger site.

2. Require age confirmation: Whenever a visitor comes to your site it will appear a popup window dialog box with a warning message of blogger to read your content asking to agree to the terms and conditions of the site. Its main purpose is for your visitors to verify their age.

If there is nothing in your blog that implements this feature, then there is no need to make any changes here, leave it as default.

5. Google Analytics Property ID

This option uses the web property ID to see how visitors interact with your site, or in other words to track your blog. But this will happen when you have added your blog to Google Analytics.

If you have added a blog to the analytics tool, then open Google analytics and copy 'Settings > Property > Tracking Info > Tracking code > Tracking ID'. Then tap and paste on 'Google Analytics Property ID' on blogger.

Google Analytics Property ID Blogger

Now the number of visitors to your blogger blog will make recorded by calculating Google Analytics through this code. In addition will track your blog in real-time, behaviour, which country visitors are coming from, what devices are used the most, etc.

6. Favicon

A favicon is a small 16×16 pixel icon that serves to identify the branding for your website. Its main purpose is to help visitors find your page easily when they have multiple tabs open or have bookmarked multiple sites on a browser.

It is also simple to make, there are many logo makers and favicon generator tools available online, you can make it from there. For your blog, you can create a new favicon icon up to a maximum size of 100 × 100 pixels.

Once it is created, click on the 'Favicon' link, click on 'Choose File' in the next tab, then you will be asked to select from the storage file the file in which you have placed the favicon icon, then click 'Open'.

blogger favicon upload

Now, click on 'Save' button.

So in this way bloggers can do blog basic setting. We hope you have understood all the blog basic settings.
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